The Highlight Reel: 01-07 August

Finally a week with no after-hours work commitments!  Coming home at a reasonable hour may not be good for business, but it’s great for the soul. The easy schedule allowed a long-overdue date night for The Missus and me.  On Thursday, after a casual happy hour at Fuego in Clarendon and a brief stop at Cava, we… Read More »

Ivy City Blues

On a hot, summer days, sometimes even I don’t want whiskey. When that happens, my typical go-to spirit is gin. Today was no exception. This cocktail is light and refreshing with a hint of fruit from the muddled blueberries, perfect after a long day. Enjoy. Ivy City Blues: @oneeightd Ivy City gin + @aperolusa +… Read More »

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The Highlight Reel: 25-31 July

What a week! Busy days, busy evenings, and Metro Safety Surge made for some generally hectic days. Not to mention the Metro train that derailed on Friday, throwing the Orange line into further disarray. But hectic isn’t all bad, and this week was generally a good one. In the gym… With a heat index well over… Read More »

After-Dinner Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned is, without a doubt, my absolute favorite cocktail.  In the drink’s purest form, whiskey, bitters, and sugar combine to create something utterly sublime.  The whole is decidedly greater than the sum of the parts. But even better than a pure, old-fashioned Old Fashioned cocktail is the construct of the Old Fashioned.  Broaden the range of… Read More »

The Highlight Reel: 18-24 July 2016

I’m terrible at blogging. I figured I should get the God’s-honest truth out of the way, so there you have it.  I am an abysmal blogger.  I find things to write about, and then I forget to actually do so.  Oops, double oops, triple oops, etc. Let’s try to change that. I’m seeking to resume my weekly… Read More »

Why You Need a Crack Pipe

If you don’t already own a crack pipe, stop reading this and go buy one. Hit up your local dealer, or order one from Amazon. Are you back now? Good. A disc wheel adapter, commonly known as a crack pipe for fairly obvious reasons, is something no cyclist should go without. No disc wheel? No… Read More »

Even better (if slightly more complicated) hummus

You may have read (or even made?) my recipe for Easy Homemade Hummus. If you have, you think/know that it’s pretty good. I’m a perfectionist, though, so I haven’t stopped experimenting (a.k.a. fucking around). As a result, I have a new and improved recipe! FYI, this latest/final recipe is still tahini-free, but even tastier. Full disclosure: It… Read More »

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So much for that!

Back in December, I set forth a list of goals for 2016.  The last of them involved writing a blog post every week, and yet my last was about six weeks ago.  Ironically, the next post I had planned involved checking in on my goals, which to that point had been going swimmingly.  Well, so much for… Read More »

My Thoughts: Barrell Bourbon Batch 006

Barrell Craft Spirits is a non-distiller producer (i.e., a bottler) of sourced whiskeys and bourbons.  Their first release, the aptly named Batch 001, didn’t legally qualify as bourbon, but this one does.   Barrell Bourbon Batch 006 | 8 years, 6 months | 122.9 proof | $79.99 The nose is typical bourbon; no particular aroma stands out, but… Read More »