My Meathead Marathon Misadventure

By | 2017-08-14

As much as I enjoy running, you wouldn’t know it from looking at me.  By all outward appearances, I am a gym rat, a cardio-fearing meathead.  Not too long ago, I was tipping the scales at 205 lbs, though I have thankfully backed down from that high.

This makes my recent decision to sign up for the Marine Corps Marathon all the more ridiculous.  I’ve run eight marathons before, and I always found my weight/size to be an issue over that long distance.  That was 10-15 pounds ago.  All the same, I’ve paid the fees.  It’s happening.  This meathead is running another marathon.

On the plus side, I finally have something to write about.  This blog hasn’t been updated in six months, largely because I find my own life rather mundane, even tedious.  But a near-200 pound oaf trying to run a marathon at a respectable pace?  That’s entertainment!  Well, maybe not, but it’s something for me to discuss.

Over the next 11 weeks, I’ll be cataloguing my workouts and associated feels, both highs and lows.  I hope to put together a few additional posts explaining my training philosophy, why I’m not skipping gym sessions, etc.  If anyone is actually reading this and would like specific questions answered, don’t hesitate to reach out

My Meathead Marathon Misadventure (M3), Week One

Run Bike Strength Crosstrain
Mon Mixed
Steep Treadmill
0:30 | 2 mi
Tue Intervals
5 × o.75 mi @ 10k pace
1:10 | 8.31 miEasy
0:20 | 2.31 mi
Wed Easy
1:01 | 7.05 mi
Thu Tempo
6 mi @ PMP
1:00 | 8.01 mi
Fri Aerobic
1:00 | 17.3 mi
1:00 | 28,045 lbs
Sat Long
3:14 | 61.6 mi
Sun Pickups
4 + 3 + 2 + 1 on 0.5 mi
1:45 | 13.70 mi
120.3 mi
39.4 mi
78.9 mi


2.0 mi



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