The Highlight Reel: 06-12 February

By | 2017-02-13

{The Darker the Berry}Any week without an after-hour commitments is a good week.  This was one such week.  The missus and I actually had multiple opportunities to enjoy each other’s company.  I think we may even have cooked once, but I’ve already forgotten.  Hooray for laziness!

On Friday evening, we headed to PA to visit family.  The missus has about six million cousins, and one of them was having her quinceañera celebration on Saturday.  For the uninitiated, a quinceañera is an overblown Sweet 16 party, one year early.  In another sense, it’s like a vaguely religious Bat Mizvah, only with a frillier dress.  It was…interesting.  When you’re happy about a cash bar, that’s saying something!

Weekly Workouts

After many consecutive weeks of encouraging performances, I was due for a rough workout.  In that respect, my seriously hard, long run this past Sunday amounted to tempting fate, which showed its ugly face on Tuesday morning.

The schedule called for 5 × 1 mi @ 10k pace.  I’d expected to run my workout on the treadmill, but unseasonably warm weather and a lit track at George Mason High School led to a rapid recalibration.  I changed quickly out of my monkey suit suit, jogged slowly to the track, and began to warm up.  My legs still felt heavy, but I thought they might shake out after the first interval.  Nope.

My first hard mile clocked in at 6:45, fully 10 seconds off what I’d planned, and not for lack of trying.  After an easy 400m recovery, I set out on the second repeat, and after one of four laps, I was having doubts.  When I hit the halfway point huffing and puffing at 3:20, I decided to bag it and jog.  Can’t win ’em all…

But when the following February morning is 58º F, one does not ride on the trainer, regardless of the schedule.  So I went back to the track in singlet and shorts, and ran easy for the better part of an hour.  Leg day be damned; this weather was too fine to pass up!

Only leg day was not damned.  Despite some initial stiffness, my squat strength was better than ever.  After easily repping 225 and 235 (setting new PRs in the process), I decided to test my strength.  So I kept loading 10 pounds onto the bar and squatting deep.  245? Check.  255? No problem.  265? Yep.  275? Uh, maybe after fewer sets.  I probably could have gotten in a solid rep, but it would have been ugly, so I wasn’t interested.  Still, hitting 265 a week after breaking a mental barrier is pretty great!

Oh, and despite the heavy leg day, I hit new FTP and threshold pace levels over the weekend.


Run Bike Strength Crosstrain
Mon  Pull
Tue Intervals (aborted)
1.5 × 1 mi @ 10k pace
0:54 | 6.53 mi
Wed  Easy
0:51 | 5.52 mi
Thu  Threshold
1:00 @ 296 W
1:00 | 284 W
Fri  Easy
0:45 | 5.06 mi
Sat Threshold
1:20 @ 306 W
1:20 | 286 W
Sun  Tempo
2 × 6 mi @ 7:00/mi
1:45 | 14.10 mi
31.2 mi
45.7 mi
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