The Highlight Reel: 23-29 January

By | 2017-01-30

This was one of those peculiar busy but totally unremarkable weeks.  I was up early and home late nearly every day, but most of it was boring work stuff.  There were some fun things, thought.

On Thursday evening, I attended MakeOffice’s launch party for their latest location on 15th & K.  MakeOffices is another co-working space, similar to the more famous WeWork but based here in the DMV.  The CEO is a fellow Georgetown Law alum, something I didn’t realize until we met that evening.  We’re planning on sharing war stories and discussing why we both left the law soon.

We had friends over for brunch on Saturday morning.  They don’t drink, so I guess you could call it a late breakfast, but I’m still going with brunch.  Any how, my slapped together sausage and bacon hash was really tasty, but I fear my friends left hungry—even though there was a lot of food, I found myself raiding the cabinets as soon as they left. Sorry, folks!  And shame on me for not taking pictures—photos or it didn’t happen, right?

Later that day, while the Missus continued her works towards YouTube stardom, I experimented with new cocktail ideas.  I’m generally pretty successful, but my efforts to incorporate even a splash of apple wine—delightful on its own—were repugnant.  I kept tweaking, adjusting, and sampling before starting over from scratch.  End result: I ended up slightly buzzed despite pouring what seemed like two full drinks down the drain.  Oops.

One of our close friends invited us to attend her family’s Tết celebration.  We weren’t sure what to expect, but a raffle certainly wasn’t part of it.  Unfortunately, we didn’t win any of the prizes, although we each came away with $10 from the lucky tree and extremely full stomachs.

Weekly Workouts

The past few weeks of consistent training are really paying off.  Despite weighing nearly 200 pounds, I am faster than I’ve been in ages.  What’s more, I feel great!  Here’s hoping the rest of the year goes just as well.  I’ll say this much though: I’m ready for a rest day.  LAZY MONDAY HERE I COME!

Run Bike Strength Crosstrain
Mon Easy
0:40 | 10.4 mi
Tue Intervals
11 × 800m, dec. rest
1:20 | 9.89 mi
Wed Easy
0:40 | 10.3 mi
Thu  Threshold + intervals
0:30 @ FTP + 5 × 0:01 sprints
1:00 | 17.8 mi
Fri  Easy
0:45 | 4.89 mi
Push + Pull
Sat Tempo
1:00 @ FTP w/ hard finish
1:15 | 261 W NP
Sun  Intervals + Threshold
5 × 0:04 @ 125% + 0:25 @ FTP
1:15 | 264 W
14.8 mi
84.3 mi
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