The Highlight Reel: 16-22 January

By | 2017-01-22

Short weeks generally seem to be uneventful weeks.  This was something of an exception, but only slightly.

Most of Monday was spent supervising the plumber as he ran water and drain lines to connect our “new” washing machine.  Quotations are warranted because we bought it over a year ago, and it’s been taking up space ever since.  To be fair, the first plumber we called out quoted us over $2,000 for a one-day, one-man job. The next plumber canceled on short noticed.  Eventually, installation just got pushed further and further down the list.  Having now used it twice without concern for whether we had enough quarters, I’m wishing we’d done this sooner.

Tuesday marked Jack Rose’s Second Annual KDA Meet & Greet.  I’m not one to idolize folks in the bourbon business, but it’s fun all the same to meet the movers and shakers in the industry.  In my experience, they’re all quite personable and down to earth.  Heck, Rob Samuels even bought me a drink.

In case you missed it, Friday in our nation’s capital was kind of a big deal.  Against my better judgment, I agreed to venture to a friend’s inauguration party in DC…downtown…a block from the Capitol.  Had I actually arrived on time, getting there might have been easier.  I instead found myself fighting the post-speech Exodus, literally walking around bushes as the crowd headed the other direction.

Once I got inside, it was a great time.  Brent Elliott of Four Roses was there again, marking the second time I’d seen him this week and the fourth in twelve months.  Kinda surprising given that he lives in Kentucky.  I actually spent much of the party chatting with Brent and his wife—both warm, lovely people—and I did my best to keep the conversation away from bourbon.  Perhaps it’s just be my perception, but I think they enjoyed the change of subject.

Oh, and I made a logo for the blog.

Virtue and Vices

Weekly Workouts

I learned a lesson this week: Biking hard after leg day is okay; running hard is not.  Thursday’s seven-mile tempo run started off great then rapidly spiraled downward.  A brief synopsis of my thoughts throughout: This feels so easy → Seven miles is manageable → How much longer? → Mercy! I give up!  Duly noted.

Run Bike Strength Crosstrain
Mon Easy
0:50 | 13.4 mi
Tue Intervals
20 × 400m
1:33 | 9.86 mi
Wed Easy
1:00 | 15.8 mi
Thu  Tempo
~7 mi @ PMP
1:12 | 9.19 mi
Fri  Easy
0:50 | 13.3 mi
Push + Pull
Sat Threshold
3 × 0:22 @ 105% FTP
1:30, 259 W NP
Sun Long Tempo
2 × 5 mi @ HMP
1:45, 13.7 mi
32.7 mi
69.6 mi
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