The Highlight Reel: 09-15 January

By | 2017-01-15

I thought this was another boring week, but then I really thought about it.

The Missus and I met friends for Vietnamese food on Tuesday evening.  Our plan of going to Nha Trang in Eden Center was foiled by supposed kitchen renovations—I am somewhat skeptical—so we instead ended up at Little Viet Garden.  We, as a whole, very much enjoyed our food.  The Missus called her fried rice (the least Vietnamese item on the menu) the best she’s ever had.  From a veritable fried rice connoisseur, that’s saying something!   My “broken rice” (ordered on the basis of the name alone) was equally enjoyable.  We’d definitely go back.

I spent all day Thursday judging projects for the WBC Craftsmanship Awards.  My fellow judges and I were tasked with evaluating recently completed construction projects throughout the DMV to determine whether they were worthy of recognition.  Of the seven my group judged, only one was truly wow-worthy: the Monumental Staircase at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.  Spiraling upwards 45 feet while supported only at the top and the base, the stairs are as impressive as the museum’s name is unwieldy.

The Missus and I were out again on Friday to meet friends and celebrate their recent engagement.  The lucky lady was actually the realtor who helped us buy our home, and we liked her so much that we’ve stayed in touch.  Reach out for her contact info if you need an agent in VA!

We met the happy couple at Citizen Burger Bar in Clarendon.  We’d been there before for drinks; they, despite living down the street for years, never had.  The kitchen was backed up, so our food was slow coming.  It was worth the wait.  There’s no time to Instagram the food when everyone is aggressively stuffing their faces!

The Missus had been wanting to see Rogue One for weeks, so we decided a Sunday matinee was the perfect opportunity—two tickets + snacks for under $30 is hard to argue with.  As consideration for postponing my morning workout, She agreed to join me at the gym afterwards so that I could get in a run.  If you knew how hard it was to get my lady to exercise, you’d understand why this is worth mentioning.

Weekly Workouts

Run Bike Strength Crosstrain
Mon Easy
Tue Intervals
Mile Repeats 6x
1:15; 9.68 mi
Wed Easy
Thu Threshold
2 x 0:21 @ 105%
1:05, 260 W NP
Fri Easy
0:55, 6.13 mi
Sat Threshold
30-20-10 prog
1:30, 257 W NP
Sun Long Tempo
3 x 3 mi
1:25, 11.5 mi
3:35, 27.3 mi 3:45, 65.3 mi 2:50  
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