The Highlight Reel: 02-08 January

By | 2017-01-09

Four-day weeks, how I love thee.  Well, except when the first day back is marred by food poisoning.  At least I got in a successful interval run session before the Stomach Suffering set in.

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Aside from going home sick at 11:00 Tuesday morning, this was a remarkably unremarkable week.  I was fully recovered by the following day, enough so that I could get in a good leg workout without fear of an intestinal incident.  Surprisingly, that late-afternoon lifting did not adversely affect my bike workout the following morning, nor was I too stiff for any of my subsequent workouts.  Sweet!

Saturday marked a long-overdue date night. The Missus and I drove to Muse Paintbar in Gainesville for a couples’ painting class, preceded by dinner at her favorite spot.  We’ve done plenty of these classes at any number of locations—this was decidedly our least favorite.  The class somehow felt both rushed and too long, an unusual phenomenon to say the least.  Still, a fun night out, and we both got plenty of compliments on the paintings that neither of us actually liked.

Weekly Workouts

Disclaimer: I don’t think my workouts are interesting enough to warrant discussion. However, I’m asked enough about my fitness activities that I’m prepared to bore the rest of you with a regular recap thereof.  If you find this as tedious as I do, please let me know.


Bike Crosstrain


Mon Push
Tue Intervals
4-8-12-16 pyramid
1:00; 7.75 mi
Wed Legs
Squat, DL, Press, Stair carry
Thu Threshold
1:00, 262 W NP
Fri Easy
1:00, 7.65 mi
Sat FTP builder
1:30, 250 W NP
Sun Threshold
1:30, 12.15 mi

Total time: 9:00

Run mileage: 26.5
Bike mileage: 44.8

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