New Year, New Goals

By | 2017-01-08

In terms of achieving stated goals, 2016 was something less than a resounding success.  Apart from improving my squat and climbing as much of Mt. Rainier as was safely possible, I didn’t tick off too many items.  That said, I generally consider the year a success.  Developing in my new career demanded more attention and time that I anticipated when I set those goals, and that had to be my top priority.

Despite not achieving many of my stated goals, I feel like I achieved a lot.  A few things immediately come to mind.

  • I managed not to lose any of the Spanish proficiency developed over months of fun-employment, despite a lack of concerted study.
  • I met a ton of interesting people and(to the best of my knowledge) avoided scaring off any of them
  • I stayed in touch with the people who are important to me despite being incredibly focused on work and fitness.
  • I figured out how to balance work and working out, a monumental accomplishment in and of itself.
  • I learned how to accommodate training legs and running hard in the same week.  This might be the pinnacle of my life’s achievements thus far.

So what’s in store for 2017?  This time around, I’ve decided to break my goals into categories, tier them, and generally list fewer “stretch goals.”  I hope this will make focusing on individual goals easier, rather than feeling like I have 10 random things that I arbitrarily have to do.  So with that, here are my 2017 goals.

Fitness Goals

  1. Better my 5k PR (20:41, set 2013-11-28).  If accomplished, better my 10k PR (42:06, set 2012-06-09).  If accomplished, better my half marathon PR (1:32:10, set 2015-03-14).
  2. Learn to do a muscle-up
  3. Train legs every week (barring injury)

 Personal Goals

  1. Continue improving my Spanish (I know it when I see it)
  2. Blog at least 50 times
  3. Cut out frivolous spending and save more towards things that matter

Professional Goals

My primary goal here is to stay the course: I want to continue helping individuals, families, and organizations make their financial lives simpler.  But I need things more measurable, things to aspire to, so here goes.

  1. Bring on $20+ million in client assets
  2. Acquire at least three multi-million dollar clients
  3. Help at least one company improve its 401(k) plan

I’ll be checking in monthly to keep myself in check.  At least that’s my intention—I expect the 2+ people who read this regularly to hold me accountable!  And if you have any thoughts or feedback on these goals, reach out directly or leave them in the comments.

Happy 2017!!!

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