The Highlight Reel: 25-31 July

By | 2016-08-02

What a week! Busy days, busy evenings, and Metro Safety Surge made for some generally hectic days. Not to mention the Metro train that derailed on Friday, throwing the Orange line into further disarray. But hectic isn’t all bad, and this week was generally a good one.

In the gym…

With a heat index well over 100 degrees F almost every day, I was relegated to running (and generally remaining) inside. Like pretty much every week, my running routine involved intervals on Tuesday, tempo on Thursday.  To so-called “normal” people, the idea of running 12 miles on a treadmill is torture, but I like it fine, if only for hard workouts. The experience is somehow more palatable when suffering outweighs the boredom.

My one attempt at a run outdoors on Saturday morning validated my preference for the dreadmill in this heat.  I survived all of 30 minutes before returning home and switching to the bike trainer.

On Sunday, the Missus and I attempted a ride to DC to grab lunch.  It was hotter than we bargained for, and she found herself woefully dehydrated by the time we got to Rosslyn.  Perhaps a planned ten-mile ride was not the best idea for someone who hadn’t ridden her bike in a couple of years…

Oh, and I did some deadlifts for the first time in at least two months.  That was embarrassing.

In the kitchen…

All these busy evenings have really put a damper on our cooking. The Missus perfectly cooked up some chicken Monday to top off our favorite Trader Joe’s salad kit.


Apart from that, it was take-out or eating out pretty much all week. (Insert embarrassed emoji here).  I tried to make up for it Sunday, though, by both cooking AND baking.

For dinner, I tried this chicken parmesan meatball casserole from Buns In My Oven.  Healthy, right?  Pretty easy and tasty, but I think it could have used more seasoning and maybe some heat.  Red pepper flakes to the rescue!

My baking experiment was a slight modification of Simply Recipes’ peaches and cream cake.  Slightly modified in that mine isn’t large enough to feed an army.  I confess to not having eaten any yet apart from the scraps, so I’ll have to report back later on the taste.

At the bar…

We headed to Ivy City on Saturday for a visit to One Eight Distilling.   It should have been a tour and tastings, but they’re doing semi-unplanned construction.  As a result, our tour was replaced with an extra cocktail.  Winning!

Just a little local tourism… @oneeightd

A photo posted by Edward (@virtueandvices) on

I was really impressed with the quality of One Eight’s vodka and gin.  I generally dislike vodka, bland blank canvas that it is, but theirs actually has a refreshing flavor.  The gin was similarly light and refreshing, not the overly junipery mess of others I’ve tried (looking at you, Blue Coat).

Feeling inspired by our visit, I later decided to get creative at my home bar.  The result: my After-Dinner Old Fashioned


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