The Highlight Reel: 18-24 July 2016

By | 2016-07-30

I’m terrible at blogging.

I figured I should get the God’s-honest truth out of the way, so there you have it.  I am an abysmal blogger.  I find things to write about, and then I forget to actually do so.  Oops, double oops, triple oops, etc.

Let’s try to change that.

I’m seeking to resume my weekly compendium of (hopefully) interesting crap I found on the Interwebs this week and things that I did.  If you see something particularly interesting, send it to me. Your effort will be my motivation!

NOTE: I started writing this six weeks ago. The failure continues.

Okay, on to the actual.

My grandfather, the original Edward Dudlik, turned 91 this week!  He’s a smart, caring, generous sole whose continued existence is a treasure.  He happened to be in Pennsylvania rather than Florida, so we were able to celebrate with a big family dinner.  Pretty much everyone was there, and Granddad couldn’t have been happier. In turn, neither could I!

Earlier that day, after a series of technical difficulties, my brother and I went for a bike ride together. We haven’t done that since we were teenagers (we’re both in our 30s now). He’s a really fit guy, but after years of living in Florida, he’s not accustomed to hills. Oops.

Did you see that?


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