So much for that!

By | 2016-05-10

Back in December, I set forth a list of goals for 2016.  The last of them involved writing a blog post every week, and yet my last was about six weeks ago.  Ironically, the next post I had planned involved checking in on my goals, which to that point had been going swimmingly.  Well, so much for that!

I’m not afraid to admit my failures, though. So let’s check in on my progress, six weeks after I meant to.

Edward’s 2016 Goals and Aspirations

  1. Run another marathon, barring injury*  Not yet, but I’m cautiously optimistic.
  2. Climb Mt. Ranier (scheduled for September!)  Still scheduled
  3. Bike the length of the C&O Canal (ideally in one day)  I’d actually forgotten about this, but it’s still conceivable.
  4. Add appreciably to my max deadlift, squat, and bench  Making progress here.  I think I could add 25%+ by year end, despite not doing a lot of heavy lifting.
  5. Read (not listen to) at least two books*  Jumped the gun on this by reading an entire book in December.  Still plenty of time, though.
  6. Develop conversational proficiency in Spanish  I was using Duolingo regularly through March, then that tailed off as work picked up.  Getting back in the habit, and making limited progress.
  7. Donate any clothing I haven’t worn in the previous six months and generally maintain a low-clutter home  Good on the clothing front, less so on the home front.  The Missus and I are making a concerted effort 
  8. Cook at least one new recipe every two weeks*  Yeah, about that… We haven’t done much cooking at all recently, and what we have cooked has been pretty slapdash.  But we were on track up until March, and I’m confident I can catch up.
  9. Create at least six recipes of my own.  Already posted two, so actually ahead of pace for once.
  10. Write at least one blog post per week (hopefully about some of those recipes)  Already discussed. If we measure by average posts/week, there’s still hope.

Has anyone else let their goals fall by the wayside?  My biggest error was not posting these somewhere visible, where I can be regularly reminded of them.  That will be fixed by tomorrow!

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