My Thoughts: Barrell Bourbon Batch 006

By | 2016-03-23

Credit: Barrell

Barrell Craft Spirits is a non-distiller producer (i.e., a bottler) of sourced whiskeys and bourbons.  Their first release, the aptly named Batch 001, didn’t legally qualify as bourbon, but this one does.


Barrell Bourbon Batch 006 | 8 years, 6 months | 122.9 proof | $79.99

The nose is typical bourbon; no particular aroma stands out, but that’s not a bad thing.  The first sip is all cinnamon and baking spices; later tastes bring peanuts, which also comes across the nose once the bourbon has been sitting a bit.  The peanut flavor is characteristic of many Heaven Hill and Jim Beam products, but this is Tennessee bourbon.  I can’t identify the source, and Barrell isn’t talking.  Any way, it’s a fairly straightforward bourbon, and it’s very tasty.

Notably, this sure as hell doesn’t seem like 122.9 proof.  I usually need to warm the palate with something “softer” before trying such a high-proof whiskey, but this goes down silky smooth despite being my first and only drink of the evening.

Overall, it’s excellent and perhaps dangerously drinkable for such a high proof.  I wish I had a bottle.


Thank you to Joe Beatrice (the owner of Barrell) for the sample, which was provided without his knowing I have a blog.

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