The Highlight Reel: 22-28 February

By | 2016-02-29

A quiet week, and one most welcome. After all the home projects and party prep over the past few weeks, I was ready for some downtime. Is it any wonder I’m now trying to plan a short vacation?


The Missus and I tried to attend the Capital Remodel + Garden Show on Saturday. She was hoping for a chance to see the Property Brothers, but apparently so was everyone else, and it was an utter mob scene, complete with traffic jams and long lines to even get in. We had to punt and go back the next day. Who knew that identical twins with a TV show were such a draw?


Have you been to McLellan’s Retreat? No? Go! Like, now. Why are you even still reading this?

The Hawaiian Shirt I Bought but My Girlfriend Won't Let Me Wear. Oh, and the Belmont. @mccretreat

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All-you-can-eat BBQ is a dangerous, delicious proposition. My friend and I again came away from Fat Pete’s feeling too stuffed to move gracefully, but this time I didn’t eat so much that I felt sick. Progress!

The first round of destruction.

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Did you miss my easy homemade hummus recipe yesterday? It’s maybe not as delicious as a nonstop stream of smoked meat, but I like it fine.




Ripping through my shirt is perhaps a sign that I need to lift less, eat less, or both.

I tried to comb my hair and this happened. #gymratproblems

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