Reining it in

By | 2016-01-18

For many, the holidays are a typically indulgent period.  This year, I was no exception.  I ate a bit too much junk , drank a bit too often, and spent a bit more money than I should have.  C’est la vie.  I’m not terribly worried about the effects on my body or my bottom line—I generally workout and save enough that I haven’t suffered any obvious consequences—but I don’t like what the past few weeks have done to my discipline.

Whereas I can usually pass up having that first cookie, now it’s hard to even turn down a second.  I’ve gotten all to accustomed to giving in to my impulses, and that, my friends, is the path to ruin.  So until Valentine’s Day, it’s time to rein it in, to work on my willpower.  If I have a drink, it will be because I’m out and about, not because it’s 5:00 and I’m pooped.  If I have dessert, it will be shared at a nice restaurant, not a Nabisco impulse buy.  And no snacking on the sofa, period.  Basically, I’ll be a bit boring, but only for a few weeks.

When this is through, I expect I’ll once again be able to pass up that second cookie.  Unless it’s really good.  I mean, I’m not unreasonable.

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