My Meathead Marathon Misadventure: Week 2

My first real week of marathon training went well.  Through forces beyond my control, my two hard workouts were pushed onto the treadmill.  Though they proved quick enough, they didn’t exactly inspire confidence.  Here’s why. Even with my trusty Garmin Footpod measuring pace, I’m never entirely convinced that a treadmill effort really matches that of an… Read More »

The Highlight Reel: 13-19 February

This makes two weeks in a row without scheduled after-hours work commitments.  I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. In case you somehow missed the excessive marketing, Tuesday was Valentine’s Day.  The humor in my having lunch with a male friend that day was apparently not lost… Read More »

The Highlight Reel: 06-12 February

Any week without an after-hour commitments is a good week.  This was one such week.  The missus and I actually had multiple opportunities to enjoy each other’s company.  I think we may even have cooked once, but I’ve already forgotten.  Hooray for laziness! On Friday evening, we headed to PA to visit family.  The missus has about… Read More »

The Highlight Reel: 30 January – 05 February

What a week!  After a blessedly quiet Monday, it was four packed days of meetings, lunches, conferences, and events. On Tuesday alone, I found myself in Falls Church, Downtown DC, Tysons, Judiciary Square, and finally in Crystal City for the Rising Stars of Real Estate awards presentation.  It’s amazing the number of real estate folks I know in… Read More »

The Highlight Reel: 23-29 January

This was one of those peculiar busy but totally unremarkable weeks.  I was up early and home late nearly every day, but most of it was boring work stuff.  There were some fun things, thought. On Thursday evening, I attended MakeOffice’s launch party for their latest location on 15th & K.  MakeOffices is another co-working space,… Read More »

The Highlight Reel: 16-22 January

Short weeks generally seem to be uneventful weeks.  This was something of an exception, but only slightly. Most of Monday was spent supervising the plumber as he ran water and drain lines to connect our “new” washing machine.  Quotations are warranted because we bought it over a year ago, and it’s been taking up space ever since.  To be… Read More »

The Highlight Reel: 09-15 January

I thought this was another boring week, but then I really thought about it. The Missus and I met friends for Vietnamese food on Tuesday evening.  Our plan of going to Nha Trang in Eden Center was foiled by supposed kitchen renovations—I am somewhat skeptical—so we instead ended up at Little Viet Garden.  We, as a whole,… Read More »